Lake Mokoma Association

Covid 19 Safety

  1.  Beach & Swimming Area
  1. Have members enter and exit the beach in separate locations. 
  2. Masks required upon entry to the beach and are recommended while moving throughout LMA property, including the playground.
  3. Masks may be removed while seated in family groups.  Anyone in or on the water does not need masks and should not wear masks.
  4. Individuals under the age of 2 and who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition may enter the premises and are not required to provide documentation of such medical condition.
  5. Playground open with a sanitation station.  Recommending use of face masks and parental assistance with maintaining sanitation and social distancing.
  6. Slide - one at a time and guards to remind children at the bottom to space out.   Recommend parental assistance with maintaining social distancing.
  7. Little Dock - operate it like the slide and one at a time if feasible. Recommend parental assistance with maintaining social distancing.
  8. Volleyball is set up and a sign is placed that recommends family groups only.  Bring your own ball or get one sanitized by the monitor.
  9. Big dock - Sign stating keep at least 6 feet apart and one way at a time on and off dock.
  10. Sandbox remains open with no shared toys and parents responsible for social distancing.
  11.  Swimming is allowed and anyone in or on the water does not need masks and should not wear masks.
  12.  Maximum capacity on beach is 250.  Monitor responsible for maintaining capacity count on the beach daily.  Signs posted to remind of social distancing.
  13. Shuffleboard and Horseshoes - Equipment will be sanitized by monitor after each use.


  1. Beach House
  1. Opened at a capacity set forth by the Department of Health and Governor Wolf's Office.
  2. Masks are required when in the Beach House.
  3. Set up picnic tables in Beach House with 6 feet distancing.
  4. Recommend setting up credit system to limit exchange and handling of cash.
  5. Plexi glass provided at monitor station and food counter.
  6. Place visual floor markers for members to remain 6 feet apart inside Beach House and when ordering food or at Monitor Station.
  7. Beach house open in the evenings following the same safety protocols in place during daytime opening.
  8. Recommend all equipment be 6 feet apart to maintain social distancing (i.e. use only 1 ping pong table and space out or remove video games).
  9.  Ping Pong and Pool- Equipment (pool balls and sticks, ping pong paddles etc.) received and returned to monitor.  Monitor will receive money for the pool game.  Equipment will be sanitized after each use by the monitor.
  10. Health & Wellness Committee recommend not opening video games or foosball, but if open then child/parents report to monitor when they are done using.


  1. Bath Houses
  1. Bath Houses remain open with no limited hours.
  2. Masks are required when in the Bath Houses.
  3. Bathrooms will be cleaned at least twice a day using EPA/CDC-approved disinfectant and cleaning techniques.
  4. Purchase no touch soap dispensers.
  5. Purchase hand sanitizer to place outside bathhouse doors.
  6. Recommend one person/family at a time in the restrooms, encourage locking the exterior door.
  7. Signage should note when bathroom was last cleaned and that it is cleaned only during operating hours.
  8. Close off water fountain and shower area.

Covid-19 information

June 9, 2020
RE:  LMA Opening & COVID-19
Dear LMA Members, Renters and Guests:
We hope that this finds all of you and your families healthy and ready for summer at Lake Mokoma!   
We are pleased to announce that we remain scheduled to “open” the Beach House and Beach on June 13, 2020, subject to the new policies and procedures that are described below.
Since my last letter to you, on May 29 Sullivan County moved to the “green phase” under the Governor’s phased reopening plan.  All other counties in Pennsylvania are now in either green or yellow as of June 5.
For green counties, stay-at-home and aggressive mitigation orders are lifted, but some restrictions remain. Individuals and organizations must comply with CDC and Pennsylvania Dept. of Health precautions, including social distancing, frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer, wearing of masks in certain areas and sanitizing buildings and equipment.
The newly established Health and Wellness Committee has devoted a great deal of time developing recommendations for the safety and health of our members, visitors, and staff, which the Board has now approved.   A copy of these rules (as they relate to use of the LMA facilities) accompanies this letter and will be posted at the Beach House and on the LMA website for members and renters.  These rules may be subject to change from time to time.
Please review these rules very carefully.  Members are responsible to make sure that they, their family members, guests, and renters are aware of and comply with these rules.   Please especially note the importance of supervising children at the beach and playground, and in and around the Beach House and bath house area to see that they follow these rules for their protection as well.  
We also ask your patience with our staff and managers as we implement these policies, since it is likely there will be some bumps along the way.
The activities committee has worked with the Health and Wellness Committee to develop new and modify traditional activities for the enjoyment of our members and children.   
Unfortunately, certain traditional activities will not be held this summer, including the 4th of July picnic, the swim races, the Knoebels trip, and the Griffin 5k.   Holding the Corn Roast is yet to be determined. 
Those persons who have or may reserve or otherwise use the picnic area for gatherings  should know that the  Cottage will not be available for use for such gatherings (whether for food preparation,  shelter during inclement weather, restrooms or otherwise).   And, depending on the size of the gathering, use of the Beach itself will be limited by the maximum size for gatherings under the “green phase” rules, and of course by requirements for social distancing.    
As we all know, the COVID-19 virus poses significant risks of serious illness and death. It can be transmitted by contact with, or being in proximity to, persons with the virus  (who may not even feel sick), by touching surfaces or objects on which the virus may live, by tiny droplets and molecules carried in the air (from coughing, sneezing, shouting, etc.) and possibly through water.  Many members, guests and renters live and work in other parts of the state or other states where infection/exposure rates may be higher than in the LMA area.  Congregating with individuals other than those in your own household and using facilities shared by others poses an inherent risk of contact with someone or something that may carry the virus. The precautions that LMA is implementing cannot eliminate that risk.  Accordingly, everyone must understand that enjoyment of LMA facilities is at your own risk, and that each of us following the rules is for the good of all of us. 
See you at the lake!!!
Best Regards,
Bill Burke, President  



Lake Mokoma is nestled in the heart of the Endless Mountains in Sullivan County, PA, at an elevation of 1,750 feet, near the county seat of Laporte. The lake is enjoyed and environmentally protected by the Lake Mokoma Association.  



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