About Us

Lake Mokoma is nestled in the heart of the Endless Mountains in Sullivan County, PA, at an elevation of 1,750 feet, near the county seat of Laporte. The lake is enjoyed and environmentally protected by the Lake Mokoma Association. 


Bylaws, Policies, and Rules


Click here to learn more about beach and lake use policies and rules and regulations regarding boating and fishing. 

LMA History


Click here to read about the Lake Mokoma Land Company's creation in the 1800s and how it evolved in to the LMA we know and love today.

Environmental Protection


Click here to learn about the flora and fauna that live in and around the lake. You can also read about how to protect your land from invasive species.

Interested in Joining?


A membership at LMA allows you access to a unique, family-oriented environment and a lifetime of memories. Click here to learn how to join our community!