Invasive Species

Every LMA member bears direct responsibility in helping prevent invasive plants from impacting the Lake Mokoma environment. Remember to clean your boats and if you think you may have seen either of the following plants on your property or in the lake, please contact the Lake and Dam Committee or the LMA Managers so appropriate action can be taken.

Japanese Knotweed

Numerous growths of knotweed have been recently identified in the vicinity of Lake Mokoma: near the intersection of Lake Road and Sand Run Road, the west end of the dam, Mokoma Avenue, Fountain Avenue, and the southwest end of the lake on South Railroad Bed Lane, as well as the southwest section of Fountain Avenue. Left unchecked, it will continue to spread and could eventually dominate the shoreline of the lake. The severity of its spread can be seen in the Muncy Creek watershed as it lines the shoreline from Sullivan County to Hughesville and beyond. Here is a link that provides information to help you identify the plant:

Cabomba Caroliniana (Fanwort)

Recently, Lake Mokoma experienced wide-spread infestation of this invasive aquatic plant that cost the Association $30,000 to eliminate. This highly invasive plant will spread throughout the lake and effectively choke out all other beneficial aquatic vegetation which could impact the fish population and recreational boating in the lake, as well as the general health of the lake by altering its nutrient and pH levels. It was likely introduced to Lake Mokoma by a member or guest’s boat/trailer that was utilized in a body of water infested with the invasive plant, then placed in Lake Mokoma prior to proper cleaning. Following is a link to pertinent information:  docId=1738823&DocName=Carolina%20fanwort.pdf