Interested in Joining?


Thank you for your interest in the Lake Mokoma Association (LMA). We take great pride in our organization and welcome parties who share our values and enthusiasm. The stated goals of the Association are “to manage the lake, its adjacent woodlands, lots and facilities” and “to preserve and develop without profit motive the beauty, natural resources, recreational opportunities and other attributes of the property which are conducive to the pleasurable pursuits of Association members”.

Lake Mokoma has a storied history which dates back to 1888; however, the current governing body was incorporated in 1959.  For over 50 years, countless volunteer hours have been logged into making LMA a great success story.  The continuance of our success depends entirely upon our members and how they strive to retain the goals that were set forth by our predecessors. With that said, a commitment by the members to be involved is essential in order to maintain the health of the Association. There are numerous activities, events, and Association committees that utilize the talents and energies of members who volunteer to make our Lake a very special community.


As of June 7, 2014, the number of full shares was changed to 220.  To be eligible, potential members must own a residential dwelling in Sullivan County. The cost of a full membership is $3,500.00, which consists of an initiation fee of $2,500.00 and the stock value of $1,000.00.  The initial payment of $3,500.00 is due at the time of application or can be split over three years.  The $1000 stock fee and $500 of the initiation fee is due with the application and $1000 of the initiation fee is due for each of the following two years.  A $25 service fee will be charged per each installment payment if you choose the installment plan.   If a member wishes to redeem their stock in the future, they will be refunded $1,000.00 for the value of the stock.  Annual dues are approximately $1,400.00, plus nominal fees for lockers and boats.  The $1,400.00 includes an assessment fee for the recent dam repair loan.

The application process is as follows:

  1. Print a copy of the Application Available soon available as a link. Review our LMA By -Laws and Policies. 
  2.  Submit two letters of recommendation from active LMA members whom you know personally.   
  3. Provide documentation of qualifying property ownership.  
  4.  Submit a check for $3,500.00 or for $1525, if you wish to spread out your initiation fee, made payable to Lake Mokoma Association.
  5. An interview of all prospective applicants by the membership committee is required.   Pending a successful interview, candidates will be presented to the Board for approval at the next LMA Board meeting following the personal interview.

*** If the LMA Board does not approve the membership application, the $3,500.00 or $1,525 check will be returned to the prospective applicant .***

Applicants are urged to read the By-Laws and the Policies of the Lake Mokoma Association and encouraged to question items that need clarification. In addition, our website, is a great resource for information about our organization. Please do not hesitate to contact us with concerns or questions.



The Membership Committee